XVision uses artificial intelligence algorithms to help radiologists fare better at their everyday tasks.

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Anomaly Detection

XVision provides screening-like feedback on radiographies, which is perfect for highly volatile, fast analysis or for patient triage and prioritization.

In Depth Analysis

XVision’s algorithms can go beyond binary results and can get a grasp on what is causing anomalies, providing a radiologist-like interpretation of x-rays.

Helper tools

Being designed as an assistant to radiologists, our system also provides them with AI-powered tools such as lung segmentation and bone extraction.

The team

Andrei Tenescu

Data Scientist

Stefan Iarca

Business Manager

Bogdan Bercean

Software Engineer

Cristian Avramescu

Solution Architect

XVision partners with Timisoara County Hospital

We are happy yo announce the start of collaboration with Timisoara County Hospital.They are ready to help us develop high impact, deep learning-based solutions for radiology workflow...

XVision will take part in Techcelerator

Techcelerator, the Romanian accelerator who supports technology startups through its GapMinder partner, has completed the selection of the best applications for the second round of the program ...

First Place Winner of the Big Idea Challenge

In healthcare systems around the world, x-ray machines play an important role in diagnosing a whole range of ailments. They can only provide a benefit, however, if a radiologist is available to ...